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Australian Heist


Australian Heist

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Australia's Number 1 True Crime Writer on Australia's Greatest Gold Robbery.

On 15 June 1862, a gang of bushrangers held up a gold escort at Eugowra, just east of Forbes, NSW. They escaped with a pile of cash and 77 kilograms of gold, worth about $10 million today. It remains the largest gold robbery in Australian history.

In this riveting re-creation of the events, James Phelps finally tells the full story of how Frank Gardiner, Ben Hall, John O'Meally, Johnny Gilbert, Henry Manns, Alexander Fordyce, John Bow and Dan Charters planned and executed the robbery - and what happened to all that gold. Australian Heist is a thrilling, fast-paced and thoroughly modern take on one of the most extraordinary episodes in the nation's history, by Australia's number-one true-crime writer.

About the Author

James Phelps is an award-winning senior reporter for The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph in Sydney. He began as an overnight police-rounds reporter before moving into sport, where he became one of Australia's best news-breaking rugby league journalists. James returned to his roots to delve into the criminal underworld in a series of books including Australia's Hardest Prison: Inside the Walls of Long Bay Jail; Australia's Most Murderous Prison; Australia's Toughest Prisons: Inmates; and Green is the New Black: Inside Australia's Hardest Women's Jails

James Phelps
Published August 2019 
368 pages
199mm x 131mm
ISBN 9781460758045

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