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Solomon's Noose

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Solomon's Noose

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The story of a young convict, Solomon Blay, who became Her Majesty’s hangman in Van Diemen’s Land.

The man who personally had to deliver an Empire’s judgment on 200 men and women, and endured his own noose of personal demons and demonisation in order to “survive”; all in the context of the great struggles of good-evil, life-death, hope-despair, which drew the attention of Darwin, Twain, Trollope and Dickens as Van Diemans Land evolved from a Hades of Evil to sow the seeds of nationhood.

The book paints a vivid picture of the society and poverty from which Blay’s character was forged in England and the desperate, brutal nature of being a convict in Van Diemen’s Land.

From the furthest corner of that foreign country, the past, comes the haunting story of the convict who became the British Empire’s youngest executioner. Beware the shock of the true.
— Andrew Rule, award-winning journalist and author

Steve Harris
154 mm x 235 mm
336 pages plus 8 page colour photo section
ISBN: 9781922129741 

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