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A stunningly illustrated A-Z celebration of popular indoor plants

Step inside the psychedelic world of Plantphabet, a magical A-Z celebration of indoor plants.

Vividly brought to life in full-colour illustrations, discover bizarre and wonderful BFFs (best fronds forever) that help make you healthier and happier, and learn what makes them tick too.

'Filled with glorious plant love, this alphabetic journey is sure to inspire joy for plant people of all sorts.' Jason Chongue, The Plant Society

'Definitely our kind of alphabet! Featuring stunning, vibrant illustrations, Plantphabet is a visual feast for plant lovers.' Lauren Camilleri & Sophia Kaplan, Leaf Supply

'Plantphabet is a fantastic decoding of the sometimes daunting decision to become a plant parent.' Benjamin Fountain, Florist & Art Director

Published March 2022
64  pages
240mm x 203mm
ISBN 9781460760604

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