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Walking Through a Songline

Shop a collection of merchandise supporting the exhibition Walking Through a Songline, opening 7 May at the Museum of Sydney.

The stunning digital installation Walking Through a Songline invites visitors to enter a space of immersive light projections that create a representation of a songline. Central to the world view of Aboriginal Australians, songlines are the many paths that cross Australia, paths made from a union between geographic space, cultural storytelling and identity. All ancestral journeys create songlines, which can be seen as pathways of knowledge. The stories they hold form the foundational history of the Australian continent, as told by artists, custodians and traditional owners.

Commissioned by the National Museum of Australia as part of the Aboriginal-led exhibition Songlines: Tracking the Seven Sisters (2017), the installation is a celebration that gives visitors the feeling of walking through a songline themselves.; It is suitable for all ages.