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Architecture for the new world: the work of Harry Seidler

Horwitz, Karl Kraemer, Wittenborn

Architecture for the new world: the work of Harry Seidler


Please note: this is an out of print and rare book with some marks on the page edges, but otherwise in good condition. 

Described as a leading member of the third generation of modern architects, Harry Seidler's work is known throughout the world. In this book, Peter Blake evaluates this work in relation to other world figures in architecture, particularly Seidler's teachers, Walter Gropius and Marcel Breuer.

By extracting architectural elements both of aesthetic and technical significance, Blake analyses and explains interactions between the architect's work juxtaposed with that of artists such as Albers, Van Doesburg, Mondrian, Stella, and Carlberg as well as historical parallels of Baroque architecture. 

Penetratingly written and illustrated, the very essence of modern architecture, its roots and direction, theories and principles, are vividly portrayed which make this a uniquely vital textbook on architecture. 

25 years of Seidler's work are dramatically illustrated and described. The emphasis is on his latest work ranging from city planning and housing projects, huge skyscrapers and elegant private houses, to the results of Seidler's collaboration with the brilliant Italian Engineer Pier Luigi Nervi which "almost break the sound barrier of conventional structural design".

The book incorporates a summary of earlier work contained in two previous volumes on Seidler's work, Houses, Interiors and Projects 1954 and Harry Seidler 1955-63, Horwitz, Sydney.

Peter Blake
Published 1973 - Out of Print
280mm x 262mm
264 Pages
ISBN: 0725502320

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