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The Tin Ticket


The Tin Ticket


The convict women who built a continent..."A moving and fascinating story." --Adam Hochschild, author of King Leopold's Ghost

Historian Deborah J. Swiss tells the heartbreaking, horrifying, and ultimately triumphant story of the women exiled from the British Isles and forced into slavery and savagery-who created the most liberated society of their time.

The Tin Ticket takes us to the dawn of the nineteenth century and into the lives of Agnes McMillan, whose defiance and resilience carried her to a far more dramatic rebellion; Agnes's best friend Janet Houston, who rescued her from the Glasgow wynds and was also transported to Van Diemen's Land; Ludlow Tedder, forced to choose just one of her four children to accompany her to the other side of the world; Bridget Mulligan, who gave birth to a line of powerful women stretching to the present day. It also tells the tale of Elizabeth Gurney Fry, a Quaker reformer who touched all their lives.

Ultimately, it is the story of women discarded by their homeland and forgotten by history-who, by sheer force of will, become the heart and soul of a new nation.

About the author

Deborah Swiss is an author, speaker, and consultant with a specialty in women's history, gender equity, and work/life balance.

Deborah J. Swiss
Published December 2011
366 pages
211mm x 142mm
ISBN 9780425243077

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