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The Story of Australian English

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The Story of Australian English


A spirited survey of our version of the English language from its birth to the present day.

The English language arrived in Australia with the first motley bunch of European settlers on 26 January 1788. Today there is clearly a distinctive Australian regional dialect with its own place among the global family of ‘Englishes’. How did this come about? Where did the distinctive pattern, accent, and verbal inventions that make up Aussie English come from? A lively narrative, this book tells the story of the birth, rise and triumphant progress of the colourful dingo lingo that we know today as Aussie English.

"This is a good-humoured and immensely readable account of Australian English, but don't let its charm disguise the fact that it is packed with solid information presented with admirable clarity and insight". - Susan Butler, Editor, The Macquarie Dictionary

"For more years than he'd probably care to admit, Kel Richards has been one of the true guardians of Australian English. And he has that rare gift of explaining how it works". - Professor Roly Sussex

Kel Richards
Published: March 2015
304 Pages
210mm x 135mm
ISBN: 9781742232317

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